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The PRK terminal blocks with PushIn wire connections have distinct advantages over other existing connection systems. Our CONTA-CLIP solution permits solid and stranded (with wire-end ferrules) wires to be inserted using minimal force and no tools. The PushIn spring ensures high contact force. The wire can be removed using the built-in insulated pusher; this mechanism ensures that the terminal point is safely actuated. This results in significant time saved during the wiring operation. The extremely compact terminals ensure high current carrying capacity atstandard-compliant heating levels, as well as a very tight wire attachment and high stability. Our new feed-through and PE terminals are available in six different cross-section ranges from 1.5 mm² to 16 mm², with 2-, 3- and 4-wire variants for connecting wire cross-sections from 0.34 mm² to 25 mm². They provide an ideal complement to our proven FRK PushIn connection system with its extensive product line of functional terminals, including the double-level, initiator, disconnect, fused and installation terminals.


  • PushIn connection system
  • Feed-through and PE terminals up to 16 mm²
  • No tools required for wire insertion
  • Minimal insertion force
  • Built-in insulated pusher for removing the wire
  • Pluggable cross-connection system PQI
  • Double cross-connection possible
  • Test pick-off at each potential
  • PE foot contact on both sides
  • Extensive options for marking and labelling

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